10 reasons to travel solo!

10 reasons to travel solo!

You'll love it…

You have been attracted to a destination for a while…?

You really want to travel but a part of you prevents you from throwing yourself…

  • "Yes but I'm alone"
  • "And how I will manage… ?"
  • "It's scary"…

Indeed, many reasons prevent us from launching before our first solo trip and sometimes even short trip…

It is the "comfort zone" effect that does this…

Out of its comfort zone offers the possibility to live fully…

Get out! You will not regret anything, quite the contrary!

When we get out of our comfort zone, there is a little time to adapt, a time during which you have to force yourself… then when one realizes that one is able to cope and even be comfortable, then this area has just enlarged and we are comfortable in new situations.

What is the advantage?

You live your life thoroughly, you discover new places, people from different backgrounds, a different food, it opens the mind and you are enriched.

I would not have enough of this page to list the reasons that make every trip is beneficial!! And this, on several points!

I will mention a few, because it is out of the question that you refrain from travelling because of some fears, which, you will see, will prove to be minimal in comparison to the well-being that you are going to benefit before, during and after the trip!!

Come on! Check the validity date of your Passport, consult your schedule, note your holiday dates, save and throw!

The advantages of solo travel:

1-you decide everything!


The program of there day or the fact of not programming anything and let you carry… It is at the whim of the desires of the moment.

2-you are "present"… Mentally.

The trip to two is nice as of course, but all the discussions you can have is attention less for the present moment. A two it is nice to be able to share the joys and the galleys, to consult about the resolution of a problem, there are also a whole lot of advantages but this is not the subject of this article.



In solo, you have no choice but to speak English or even better, the local language and it's exotic to wish!! Nothing like a stay abroad to perfect your English! It's the best school.

4-the fluidity of travel

Prague Airport (Czech Republic)

You are moving smoothly in public transport, you easily find a place on board a car, a bus…

In the airplane you prefer the place side window or on the driveway? It's all right.

5-contact is facilitated

Meeting with an old Japanese man
Random encounter of a stroll

People you believe will often be more willing to speak with you

(It is less intimidating to speak to someone alone than to a group.)

6-you… With you

You find yourself with yourself, it's good (if so…)

Away from the hassle of everyday life, you open up, you go where your instincts lead you (follow your instincts, they are often good advice)

And contrary to what you might think, traveling alone, you won't be long if you wish because you're going to do dozens of encounters, from simple information to find your way to the evening shared with your friends of the moment. Your great freedom lies in the fact that you can put an end to it whenever you want, without crumpling anyone. Freedom!

7-freedom of action

Your mind is entirely available to you, your desires, your emotions. You have the freedom to be able to do what is present to you, without having to follow the planned program and it is sometimes the door open to unforgettable moments!

You have to live it to understand, you are really connected with yourself and this feeling is very nice and beneficial!

8-you take the time…

Time to think, to appreciate, to make the vacuum away from the whirlwind and the "noise" of life, information on TV, more or less informed advice from your Entourage… you choose according to what your instinct dictates. (And he is not mistaken often… trust him)

9-you dare more things.

Like speaking the local language or English that you master more or less, without shame of judgement on your accent… You dare to ask your way, it is the beginning of the widening of your comfort zone.

10-you have access to certain places reserved for "solo"

capsule hotel in Kyoto
capsule hotel in Kyoto (Japan)

In Japan, if you travel alone, you can stay in capsule hotels. And that's top!

If you choose well, the comfort is really up to the level and you enjoy the access to the Sento.

Often located on the top floor is the shared bathroom.

So yes, you have to go the course of getting naked among the others, there are only inhabitants of the country, but it is in their customs, so no stress… That's cool.

At this place, you can have to wash.

Then you take advantage of hot baths, cold baths, bubble baths, sauna… Depending on the hotel.

Guaranteed relaxation…







(Yes, there are, but little compared to the big, the huge, the gigantic happiness of feeling alive while traveling free…)

Lack of sharing with a loved one

Sometimes you want to share what you live at the moment but you can't do it immediately.

That said, in the evening you can post photos of your day on a social network and watch the reactions of your family and friends.

Small galleys are to be solved alone

The little galleys, you overcome them all alone, but you always get away.

If one of your fears is to lose yourself or to run out of help, know that in most places you are going to travel, there will always be someone well intentioned to tell you your way or to help you punctually. And that too is really nice. Incidentally, on a trip I rarely came across malicious people or who were not ready to come to help. I have a feeling that it depends a lot on your own behavior. A smile and a few words in the native language of your interlocutor often open the door to a pleasant Exchange.

Miyajima backpackers
NARA suede Japan
Suede in Nara
Solo travel dating Miyajima backpackers hotel
Evening with locals and travelers in a backpackers hostel

It sometimes allows you to speak a little more than the initial topic, you speak in English or other, in short… a great experience every time.

On my second trip to Japan, my travel partners were my portable camera and my Smartphone. So in the day (and at night), I filmed myself by telling what I was experiencing. 

I had the feeling to share these moments with my Entourage (in "light" deferred…)

In my videos, the tone is familiar and the quality is more than perfectible but it is in total immersion!

Since then, I'm glad I did and I'll do it again because it leaves good memories.

A desire to relive those moments, I watched a video.

The small useful accessories of the solo traveler:

  • In your Smartphone, you can download the application Google translation, very useful! Small + nice, if you have Wi-Fi or other network, you can speak in your phone and it translates vocally in the native language of your interlocutor. And vice versa of course.
  • The notebook and the pen:

They are always with you and allow you to note your feelings, a few words that you have just learned in the local language, a restaurant address, make you understand by a drawing… They'll be useful to you.

  • Two bank cards:
  • In case of loss of one of the two, you do not find yourself without means of payment.
  • In some places, only Visa or MasterCard are accepted… One of each allows to be serene on this point.

With the arrival of the neo banks, it is now easy (and free) to open a different account than your current Bank. The map is often free, look at the comparisons.

  The German neobank offers a MasterCard card with the classic current account. It is free, payments abroad are not subject to a Commission. For withdrawals from the Distributor, the Commission is 1.7%. (When most French banks are at 2%).

Withdrawal with N26 card in Prague

However, small flat, more than 5 withdrawals per month, the following are charged 2 euros. With organization, it's manageable, you just have to keep it in mind.

The mobile app is simple and intuitive. Payments appear in real time (in the second)… No unpleasant surprises! For the opening of the account, it is done from your mobile phone in less than 15 minutes!













Some precautions are to be taken to leave in the best conditions, even if, most of the time, you will be safe. It is not because we are far away that it is more dangerous than in our own homes. People live on a daily basis where you go and everything goes very well.

Common sense will lead you not to put your papers and valuables in evidence. (Except for the camera or the Smartphone, which are useful only at hand to make the best shots on the spot.)

  • Before departure:

Scan all your IDs, your plane tickets and send them to your mailbox. So, in case of loss, they will be accessible to you from any computer and it makes it easier to prove your identity or to have these documents redone.

For the originals, carry them on you during the journeys (train, plane, bus). There are pockets that are worn close to the body and hidden under the clothes.

  • During the journey:

To reduce the probability of having your bag opened when transferring baggage, you can put a padlock on each closure. You can also put a plastic "lead". This does not prevent the opening of the bag but it dissuades the less reckless.

You'll find it on Amazon by clicking on the image below

  • On site:

The day on site, two solutions: you keep them on you too, or you leave them in a secure place in your dwelling. The first option ensures you have the eye on it constantly, but it may be "bulky" when you are dressed lightly. In addition, if bathing there is… they have to stay on the beach. You can choose to leave them at your home if they are in a secure place.

The word of the end

In reality you do not often feel lonely on a solo trip, because there are always people around you and there will always be someone to help you, guide you, discuss, give good advice.

Travelers, like locals, are not stingy with advice if you take a little step towards them. (In most cases… There are less friendly people but this is everywhere and it is a minority)

You are alone and you are tempted by a destination… ?


Prepare a minimum of your journey, make sure you have the essentials and go!!

You will never regret it… It's so rewarding!

On the other hand, if you don't do it when you feel like it, at the end of your life, you'll look back and say: "Ah… If only I had done it… "

It will be too late!!


"We never go as far as when we don't know where we're going." Columbus
"We never go as far as when we don't know where we're going." Columbus
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