How to meditate… ? (and why?)

How to meditate… ? (and why?)


At first sight unrecognized, meditation may seem unimportant see esoteric but… Here's why it's worth looking into the subject…

Only 10 or 15 minutes of meditation in the morning, shortly after waking or breakfast, will bring you a well-being that you do not suspect yet…

On the first day, you will be satisfied with this rather pleasant discovery, the first week you will be carried by this new morning ritual and then… ? You'll have trouble getting away with it…

If today in France, only a part of the population meditate, it is otherwise in the rest of the world where this practice is a basis of inner well-being. More and more people meditate and many successful entrepreneurs practice meditation.

You don't think you have time?

For my part, for many years, I thought I was not in the morning… The days worked, I was getting up just in time to have time to swallow a breakfast on the go and take a shower.

Obviously, my day began to rush and I came to work with the feeling of forgetting something, not being ready.

morning fat

The days of rest, scheme a little different but I was sleeping in the morning and when I got up, there was not much of the morning, I was having breakfast almost at lunchtime…

Relaxing and pleasant… that's the idea I had… Now, since I get up earlier in the morning, I have time to do my morning rituals, which meditation is part of and I feel better. It is a moment just for me, during which I am calm and that allows to start the day serenely.

In addition, having already done things for yourself in the morning before starting the day puts you in a good mental energy for the day.

This feeling of well-being in the morning is incomparable… !

Wake up 30 minutes earlier (if you're going to bed 30 minutes earlier in the evening).

This little moment between you… and you, will put you on good vibrations for the whole day. Those who rise early will understand what I'm talking about… the calm that reigns, while everyone is still asleep, no traffic noises, the silent House, the day that barely rises… It is quick to taste…

Why meditate?

It is recognized by different studies, the practice of meditation…

  • Boosts creativity
  • Increases intuition
  • Provides general well-being
  • Promotes control of your emotions
  • Improves productivity
  • Raises the level of consciousness

In practice:

The place:

  • Find a quiet place in which you will not be disturbed.

The ideal is to be dressed in a comfortable outfit that does not constrain the body and barefoot. This implies that the room temperature is pleasant.

Nevertheless, aerates the room a minute before you start if you can.

For my part, I put myself on the couch with little light.

  • Disables social media, Messenger, and other notifications

(But without disable mobile data… otherwise, you no longer have access to the media chosen to listen to the sound soundtrack of meditation)

  • Make sure you don't get cold

You're going to stay still for a few minutes, it wouldn't take the cold to ruin that moment.

The position:

You can use the little meditation benches that we find everywhere, put you in seiza on a carpet or just sitting in a tailor, well backed in your couch. This is the last position I choose most often.

To meditate, I settle my hands resting on the thighs, palms towards the sky. (You can also join hands on one another as if you were holding an imaginary ball near your lower belly but it's more to focus on you than to connect to all the benefits of open-minded)

It is important to keep the spine upright during meditation.

However, it is not evident in sitting position to feel this posture.

To help you, here are two tricks.

  • You can imagine hanging by a string that hangs on top of your skull.

This sensation is derived from the "shisei" which is a recommended position in everyday life.

* Shisei: Japanese term: standing, neutral position. The posture is straight, the arms along the body, the head is as suspended by an invisible thread and the sphincter is kept contracted (this involves tightening the ABS of the lower belly). This is not the position to be adopted to meditate, but it is to imitate the right posture that one must feel, at least the first minutes when one settles.)

  • Or you can imagine that you are a Cairn and that your head is the highest stone, it is quite effective.

However, there are no rules regarding the position to be adopted. So the above tips are the most common but the best position to meditate is the one in which you feel most comfortable.

Music for Meditate:


You can meditate in silence if you're in a quiet place, or put music in your ears.

Personally I use an audio headset, or headphones with suitable music, it is much more immersive and the quality of this pleasant moment is better. With in-ear earbuds, this and the top!

You will find on Internet a lot of music for that.

Tape "Hz meditation "on YouTube, Deezer or any other media you like to use.

I have selected some examples for you to have them on hand:

Guided meditations:

Sometimes it can be interesting to meditate in a guided way. In the two following soundtracks, the voice guides you to focus on the key points of meditation.

  • This one lasts 25 minutes, it's really nice:

  • Here is the same, translated into French (I have a preference for the one above in English, to you to see)

Meditation music without words

Unlike the two videos above, the ones that follow have no words, it's the sound that takes care of everything.

As far as I'm concerned, that's what I use most of the time.

It allows the mind to make a vacuum, to let itself be crossed by thoughts. Observe the but does not block on… When you become aware that your mind is lingering over a thought, refocus on your breathing.

It is also during these meditations that good ideas happen and it happens almost every time… !

  • The music below is evolutionary and will put you in an incredible mental energy! Very immersive experience!

This is one of the ones I listen to most often during my daily meditation.

  • The one that follows adopts a constant rhythm and allows you to focus on yourself… Allows to make the vacuum.

  • There are also the "oOooommm" If you like:

I love the one that follows too! It is very long but you can choose to listen to only part of it according to the time you have before you. During my morning mediation, I put an alarm clock to set the stop of that moment and move on to the rest of the day.

In order to target well, I start to listen to the video from 2:30:00… This is the "3rd eye" and "Crown" part at the bottom of the screen. It gives me a feeling of open mind intense but must test to understand… The vibrations are not the same as at the beginning of the video.

It is really top and during listening my mind is clarified, calm, good ideas come from themselves.

In this regard, I always have a notebook and a pencil nearby when I meditate, it allows to put the ideas on the paper right away before I think about it anymore…

Other method of meditation: Ho'ponopono.

A little different from the others, it remains interesting to vary a little.

Over time, you will find the soundtrack that matches you the most


How to meditate:

There are several ways to do it but the simplest is to close your eyes, and to think of nothing…

"Easy to say" will you tell…

Of course, thoughts will invade your brain without even asking for them, it's normal.


However, let them pass, observe them but do not linger on them and do not let them take your attention.

To think about nothing, focus on your breathing.

As soon as a thought appears and you become aware of it, focus again on your breathing that is calm.

On the other hand, you can concentrate at the same time on the darkness that results from the closure of your eyelids.

When you are comfortable with this practice, you will be able to focus your conscience on the fact "to be"… Just be…

You become aware of your physical body, motionless.

While I have been practicing meditation for several months now, I manage to stay centered, to observe quietly the thoughts that pass but it happens even more…

By placing my attention just above my head, my mind escapes and it is as if the opening was total…

If you have ever heard of third eye, the sensation here takes all its meaning… Even the eyes closed, the vision is other, the good ideas arrive in a sweetness and an indescribable clarity. One word: test!

third eye



In order to practise a quality meditation, focus your attention on your inspiration, then your expiration and so on… When you breathe, watch to breathe also by the belly and not just by the lungs. Efficiency is better and here is why…

When breathing only through the lungs, we use only 30% of our lung capacity.

However, by breathing through the belly, we seek our diaphragm and benefit from all the advantages of good oxygenation of the body so do not deprive us… It's still free!

To summarize:

Practiced every morning, even 10 minutes for those who lack time, meditation will bring unsuspected benefits.


If you want more information about meditation or you have music, other ways to advise readers, do not hesitate to share them in the comments below.

Very nice day to you!

Interested in a few minutes of bonuses to include in your morning routine to boost your immune system?


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