Why should you practice lymphatic brushing?

Why should you practice lymphatic brushing?

What is lymphatic brushing? (
Also called "dry brushing")

What's the point and how do we do it?

Some of you already know closely or have vaguely heard about it…

For the uninitiated, you will discover this practice.

If you have been sick twice this winter, if you have a little cellulite, if your skin does not satisfy you quite, if you are stressed, or if you just want to take care of your body to avoid these annoyances…

The rest will interest you…

What is the purpose of dry brushing, what are the benefits and how you do it.

Small introduction starting with a brief physiological explanation to understand what is going to happen under the skin.

The lymphatic system

lymph nodes
lymphatic system
lymphatic brushing
Lymph nodes

The role of the lymphatic system

  • It drains excess fluid at the tissue level and participates in the detoxification of body organs.
  • Essential element of the immune system, it allows the circulation of white blood cells and thus protects the organism against invasions.
  • It also contributes to the circulation of nutrients and hormones in the body.

Vitamins A, D, E and K, being liposoluble, are transported to the bloodstream via the lymphatic system.

Unlike the blood system, the lymphatic system is not activated by a pump like the heart.

It is the respiration, contraction of the muscles and more generally the movements of the body that allow the circulation of the lymph. A regular physical activity is therefore beneficial for a good functioning… on this point you do not discover anything.

Brushing will accelerate and improve the circulation of the lymph in your body and thus facilitate the evacuation of waste.


"Lympha" in Latin, meaning: "water"

Lymphatic circuit
The lymphatic circuit is separated from the blood circuit.

Lymph is a fluid derived from the interstitial fluid, located between the cells of the organism. It is drained by a network of capillaries and more and more large vessels, called "lymphatic vessels". (In the image of small streams that join together to form large rivers.)

Lymphatic network
Lymphatic nodes
Lymphatic brushing
Lymphatic network.

Arranged along this network, filtration areas composed of lymph nodes contain immune cell reserves.

Thus, the lymph nodes purify the lymphatic fluid before returning it to the blood by the veins under keypads, at the level of their junction with the jugular veins.

Vein under subclavian
Jugular vein
Junction of the vein under subclavian and the jugular vein.

The practice of dry brushing activates circulation in the lymphatic network and helps your body to eliminate its waste.

The regularity


The regularity of brushing is necessary for effective results. It is by practicing daily that the effects will occur.

To include in a morning routine for increased profits!

Inspired by the famous book of HAL Elrod, "miracle morning", the morning rituals aim to start the day with actions beneficial to your mind and body.

On this subject, I invite you to read my article on meditation. Practiced on a daily basis, it will change your days!

This implies getting up early (and therefore going to bed earlier to have the necessary sleep hours).

I who was fond of the sleep, I now take pleasure in getting up earlier to offer my body this dose of well-being every day. I now wake up naturally earlier even without waking up on rest days. As for the days worked, I have to put the alarm clock earlier but it is with pleasure that I start each day with this pleasant and beneficial ritual.

(On this point, the National Sleep Foundation, after studies, recommends between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night for an adult (18 to 64 years old). However, some cases are exception and are only 6h while others need 10h.)

Let's go back to Brushing…

For just over fifteen euros, you will find the only accessory necessary for this practice.

The brush

There are several models with hairs of different materials. Horsehair, silk, vegetal fibres.

  • I use this model in vegetal fibres and horsehair for several months and I am totally satisfied.

Click on the image below to learn more about this brush…

  —-> Click here


A period of adaptation is to be noticed the time that your skin discovers this new sensation and that the bristles of the brush soften a little.

body brush
massage brush 
lymphatic brushing
body brush
massage brush 
lymphatic brushing

Depending on the places you reach when brushing, the brush is held using the strap or not.

When I use the strap, the index finger and the major are kept, the other fingers include the brush.

body brush
massage brush 
How to hold the brush 
lymphatic brushing

The results are not visible to the naked eye in the early days, but the work in your body is very real and the sensation is pleasant in the next few minutes.

After a few days, you will wait for the moment of brushing impatiently… !

Wise advice… Above all, do not pass the brush under water… I did it in order to soften a little hair the day after my purchase… Not only did the desired effect not happen but the most annoying is that the hairs have cleared a strong odor for three weeks…

Your skin will quickly get used to this new sensation… She'll even ask again!

At what time of day?

Morning and/or evening… Enjoy the benefits of brushing in the morning to activate the circulation of the lymph in your body and if you feel like it, renew the operation in the evening. Before the shower it is very nice, but you can brush at any time of the day and without taking a shower systematically.

It's relaxing for the mind… When you think of the benefits inside, namely cleaning the impurities under the skin and strengthening the immune system.

Plus, the light massage is really nice.

How do you actually brush?


To brush your body, you will have to remove your clothes. The ideal is to have none to traverse the whole body without being embarrassed in the movement.


This first step is used to move the lymph in the vessels and capillaries.

As a preparation, we start by making circular movements by rubbing gently but firmly.

No product to apply on the body, no water either… It is a contact between the brush and your skin.

Feet, legs, thighs, buttocks, belly flanks, back, then hands, arms, head. Brush everywhere by making circles.

The brushing of the whole foot is really nice… The same is the same for the hand… It's relaxing and it takes away the accumulated tensions. We use our hands all day… This little care makes them the greatest good. As for the feet, we are in support all day also… They deserve a few seconds of attention in the morning and in the evening.

Do not brush the genitals or the inter-buttocks furrow, here it is…

If you run out of time in the morning, you can skip this step of "pre-brushing" and go straight to the next. It's the most important.

Lymphatic brushing

Once the whole body is "prepared", brushing can begin.

The order is as follows:

lymph nodes
3D view
lymphatic brushing
lymph nodes
  • From foot to groin.
  • From the hand to the point between the shoulder and the armpit.
  • From the top of the head, through the neck to the armpit.
  • From the top of the face through the neck direction… the point between the shoulder and the armpit.
  • From the back of the buttocks, bringing to the groin.
  • On the back, bring everything forward in the direction of… from the point between the shoulder and the armpit.
lymphatic brushing

Take care to repeat the gesture several times around the brushed member. In a straight line each time, the entire round of each Member must be brushed, not just the front.

There are models of brushes with a handle (removable) that makes it easier to reach the back. However, I opted voluntarily for the sleeveless model because it is the opportunity to maintain its flexibility by contorting a little to brush the back.

Note that, unlike the "preparation", for brushing in itself, the gesture goes from the end to the base of the brushed limb.

lymphatic brushing

lymphatic brushing
How to brush

The movement is slow and pressed. Use the brush hairs by sliding them by their side. It's nicer than if the brush was laid flat and the efficiency is better.

(Laid flat, the brush can sometimes give the sensation of sting, hence the interest of dragging it from the side by crushing the hairs as illustrated opposite.)

Do not forget the face that is traversed by the ships. Gently, always "attacking" with the side of the hairs, from the top of the face passing through the neck to finish in the armpits.

Depending on the time you have to devote to it, the brushing session can vary from 2 to 10 minutes, no rule on that point there.

For the effects to be beneficial, it is important to brush the whole body as shown above… Even if you do it to target an area, for example the hips, do not brush only this region… Indeed, it is the action on the whole body that allows the good circulation of the lymph and that brings the benefits of this practice.

Want more efficiency and well-being?

The cold shower

For increased benefits, run in the shower and at the end of your toilet, run the water completely cold on the body for about 1-2 minutes.

cold shower 

It's not nice at the moment, it's even complicated, you're going to blow loudly see screaming the first time, but do it, without hesitation… As soon as you're done, you'll feel an indescribable well-being. A sensation of vitality!

Your body will be strengthened, a little red Yes… It is a sign that your blood circulates well… !

You will feel at the top!

Nevertheless, the words on this screen will never describe enough this feeling of well-being, I invite you to try yourself… for my part, I can no longer do without the daily cold shower…

At each shower outlet, this sensation that the body is alive and well… Oh, I love it!

Beyond this pleasant feeling, the cold shower with virtues is proven.

The benefits of the cold shower

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Strengthens the immune system (you will be much less sick)
  • Improves your mood, you are more happy x
  • Improves the appearance of skin and hair (they hate hot water)
  • Increases your mental energy
  • Helps to lose weight
  • Boosts testosterone
  • Helps fight infertility
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Increases self-confidence
lymphatic brushing 
cold shower
the benefits of a cold shower

Be assured that after several weeks of this voluntary action, you will be confident in your ability to inflict this little cold moment to give your body the benefits it deserves.

You've probably heard about the "comfort zone". It applies in many spheres of your life and it is good to always get out a little more. You will reap the benefits of doing it, regardless of the domain. Sport, food, relationships, self-discipline.

Be comfortable in discomfort and you will be more comfortable in multiple situations.

However beware… the cold shower is contraindicated for people prone to heart problems.

The benefits of dry brushing

  • Skin exfoliation
  • Waste disposal in the body
  • Improved immune system (you will be less often sick)
  • Helps fight cellulite
  • Sensation of well-being due to the massage of the brush on the skin
  • Moment of calm during which one is with oneself… It's important…

Here, you know a little more about lymphatic brushing, but all this will be much more talking trying…

For those who do not practise sports, lymphatic brushing is a great way to activate the circulation of the lymph and to enjoy the benefits of this movement. (Be careful, I'm not saying that brushing replaces the sport…)

Of course, for sports and sportsmen, the combination of the two is a cocktail of vitality!

If you also want to try the lymphatic brushing experience, you can find the brush by clicking on the link below.


The brush

Feel free to share your experience in the comments below as all the tips are good to take.

And to start the day in the best way, to become the best version of yourself, feel free to set up your morning routine…

A series of small actions that will make you feel at the top!

HAL Elrod details the important benefits of the morning routine in his book "miracle morning" which is recognized worldwide!

You don't call yourself Martine? You can still brush…

If you liked this article… Feel free to share it…  Thank you very much! It's happening right underneath.

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