5 pounds to read absolutely!

5 pounds to read absolutely!

Five inspiring books that will change the way you see things and your habits.

For some, which I confess to be part of sometimes, it is not always obvious to take the time to ask for half an hour or an hour to read.

According to a study by the National Book Centre, 63% of French people would like to read more but do not take the time.

However, 30 minutes of reading in the evenings or in the morning, depending on your preference, it's pretty easy to find.

It's just a tip that you will find in one of the books below.

How to get out of time for oneself and enrich yourself internally by reading?

  • The TV we are Dummies… Think… and flee!!
  • Think about your next flights, by train… We often have long hours in front of us… Time for reading to pass the time in a pleasant and informative way!
  • A morning routine or even before sleeping can be a good solution to take care of your personal culture through an informative book.

Here are the 5 books I invite you to read:

To your brands (pages)… !

Just a meeting to change the life of Anthony Nevo

Anthony Nevo is a truly inspiring entrepreneur, who, after a period of bad work, has trained in personal development and adopted a lifestyle that has made him become what he is today, namely, spread, acknowledged and with results Inspiring!

This first novel, he wrote in large part on a trip to Japan. In the course of reading, Anthony Nevo brings 18 inspiring life lessons.

In a few months, it was sold at over 15 000 copies and was out of stock in bookstores in the first few weeks… Bluffing!


This book explains the the benefits of a morning routine to start the day in a positive way.

You will discover by waking up an hour earlier, the impact on your day, your week, your life, of these motivating morning rituals!

(Yes, I see you worrying about your hours of sleep… Try… It does not cost much in relation to the benefits encountered… leaving to bed an hour earlier)

I have been testing for some time already and the profit is felt in a holistic way.

I include in this routine the lymphatic brushing and rare are the mornings when I do not brush… 


In this book of the Canadian-born writer, you will find another interpretation of personal development…

In the line of Tony Robbins Napoleon Hill, Jack Canfield, here the approach is simplified and goes straight to the point.

Some passages are striking.


After reading the first opus of this author, I could not resist the purchase of the second volume on the advice of my sister.

The author's philosophy is inspiring… and in this book it is transmitted through a captivating story.

Roman that I devated in a short time because very addictive!

Very easy to read.


This book was recommended to me by a man crossed at the end of a jogging.

I stretched out and was attracted by the way that man was traveling with a trailer attached and I went to talk to him to know a little more…

He explained to me that he had lost everything, wife, work, home and since then he lived on the roads.

When I was discussing, I told him of my astonishment at the way he took things right… Th
is is where he told me about the book of Eckhart Tolle that made him relativize many situations.

I went to buy it soon the next day.

Not always easy to read but the background is inspiring!

90% of the population does not take the time to read on a regular basis…

  • For lack of interest… whereas if we find a book that captivates us, we look forward to the next moment to continue reading.
  • For lack of time, but 30 minutes a day are easily possible, for example in the evening before sleeping… and it's better than immersing your eyes in the screen of your Smartphone.
  • If you read a book a month, you are already reading much more than the majority of the French. Your vocabulary will expand, you'll improve your spelling and enrich your mind in a meaningful way. What advantages… !








Read night gravely to ignorance…

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